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Coach Tourism Marketing By Number6

Number6 Marketing is a unique marketing agency dedicated to the specific needs of the Bus & Coach Tourism industry.

With a strong background in Automotive and Tourism industries, we appreciate the needs and wants of our clients and their customers alike. Our service portfolio is centred around the broad demands of the sector but with the flexibility to focus on the specific needs of the individual operator. We always strive to identify a course of action that will work well for both you and your customers, working as strategic consultants or simply as a resource to get you where you want to go.

The work we do covers the complete marketing and communications spectrum, from brand development and coach livery design to website design, booking systems and CRM systems. We produce advertising campaigns for a variety of media channels; copywriting, brochure design, photography and digital marketing. We also provide a dynamic PR service where we can manage your press relations and social media activity.

We work hard to achieve the goals set out for us by our clients. Why not get in touch for an informal chat about what we can do for you, be it a short-term project or a longer-term ambition.

Our Coach Tourism Marketing Services

PR & Social Media

Regardless what you wish to tell your audience, our PR and social media team have this under control. We’ll find the right platform or vehicle to deliver the right message and to the right audience time after time after time. Which is why we have established loyal clients who have worked with us for several years.

Branding & Design

A picture tells a thousand words and great design improves everything! Adding value, creating engagement and generating response. We approach this from several angles: how the design will protect, promote, enhance and evolve your brand identity. Brand awareness is key and standing out from the crowd is everything. With a great skills set our design team take pleasure in exceeding all expectations.

Website Design

Our website design team will develop, design and create a site that will give you a commercial advantage over your competitors, both locally and nationally. We are constantly finding new ways, innovative, fresh and dynamic ways through new technology and identifying ways in which we help our clients make the right meaningful connections with their customers.

Think about this: if a website is a business’s shop window, what is a coach? Free mobile advertisement board doing tens of thousands of miles per year!

We start all projects with a blank canvas, consider and gain a clear understanding of your needs, then devise and implement a strategy. We can work with your wish list or help you identify new goals. Each project is individual based on its unique objective, the creative thinking behind the solution and the specific audience in mind. This is how we achieve results.

Video Production

A picture says a thousand words…an old cliché we know, but think. If one picture communicates a thousand words, what can a video do?

We have a proven film production process and team to ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget, every single time, time and time again.

Every film project starts with a ‘fresh page’ as we plan your bespoke video, with a creative edge for all our clients.

Our proven production processes allow us to beat other corporate video production companies on price, reliability and creativity. Our highly skilled creative and experienced team will show you as much creativeness flare and attention to detail to your project, combined with guiding you and working in-line with your vision.

Our in-house team works with you to develop a script, story board and concept for your film. Combined with taking care of all the pre-production elements, arranging of actors if required, voice overs, sourcing locations and scheduling. Before moving through to the production stage and bringing your film together, adding graphics, music and the grade. We’ll then deliver your film in the format or deliver methods that is required.

“10% off your first Corporate Video”

Whether you require a corporate video, marketing video, promotional video, training video or business video, Number6 Marketing Video Productions can provide this.

It’s no secret video is becoming a bigger part of companies…Video is powerful; it can transform businesses.

Call Us On 01952 581 297 To Discuss Your Needs. No Obligation